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Who is The CadeStone Group?

CadeStone was born from a simple idea.  Take everything we have learned in our collective years of business and recruiting, and put together a company that focuses on helping our clients meet a very specific need.  We put ourselves in our clients' shoes, and asked "How would we want to be approached by and work with a recruiter?".   

First of all, because each of us has experience in the industries in which we recruit, our clients don't need to teach us what the acronyms stand for, what the words mean, etc.  This enables our clients to save valuable time when giving us a search assignment.   

Secondly, we don't waste your time "touching base" or "following up" because we set expectations with one another up front.  Our clients don't have to hit the voicemail button when they see it is the recruiter calling.  

And lastly, we treat all of our interactions with respect for time and talent.  When you speak with us about your own career, we respect confidentiality and the fact that it is your livelihood we are talking about.  We realize this is an important decision and will always provide feedback to you.

All of this against the backbone of our business...persistence, hard work and resilience.  That is The CadeStone Group.  

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Our Team
Kelly King


Kelly specializes in the placement of all levels of professionals and scientific personnel within the medical technology, laboratory sciences and equipment, diagnostics, analytical science, environmental science, food science and animal sciences industries.  If it's science-related, she's got you covered.  (Click picture for complete bio)

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gary desk.jpg

Gary specializes in the placement of professionals within the Enivronmental Construction, Manufacturing and Engineering industries. (Click picture for complete bio)

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Jackie desk2.jpg

Jackie places all levels in many facets. Her placements include CEO, COO, Vice President, Director, sales and technical positions in IT, telecommunications, media and software sales. (Click picture for complete bio)

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Need more info? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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